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LOCATIONS [see|visit]
WE Williamsburg East [video]: 342 Maujer St @ Morgan - 5-min walk L Grand, by BQE. Easy parking.
BW Bushwick [video]: 353 Ten Eyck St @ Morgan - 5-min walk L Grand, by BQE. Easy parking.
CH Crown Heights [video]: 71 Schenectady Ave @ Pacific - 5-min walk A,C Utica, 11 min walk 2,3,4 Utica, by BQE. Easy parking.
PS Park Slope [video]: 261 Douglass St @ 3rd Ave - 5-min walk D,N,R Union, 7-min walk Atlantic 2,3,4,5,D,N,R,B.Q, by BQE. Easy parking.
SP Sunset Park [video]:4401 2nd Ave @ 44th st - 5-min walk N,R,W 45 st, by BQE. Easy parking.
Read Policy before booking. Key pickup info & payment receipt are emailed to you immediately upon payment (add us to address book). There is no lease. No refunds. All dimensions approx. Booking&Payment must be rec'd at least 24h before MoveIn. If unsure of room#, choose "Don'tKnow". If unsure of rent calculation, adjustment will be made after booking is received. All rms 24/7 private, not shared (unless you choose to). We require 2-month deposit + prorated 1stMoRent (or ShortStay). Rental is month-to-month. Max stay=infinite. Rates (incl Discounted_Rates) are good for 12 months once booked.

*Normal Stay (3 months or more):
[BOOK] Room: InitialPayment=(Rate_or_Discounted_Rate X 2) + prorated 1stMoRent.
*Short Stay:
[BOOK] Room (1 month): Payment=(Rate_or_Discounted_Rate X 1.5); EndDate is 1st of NextMonth after StartDate, regardless of StartDate Day-Of-Month.
[BOOK] Room (2 months): Payment=(Rate_or_Discounted_Rate X 2.5); EndDate is 1st of NextNextMonth after StartDate, regardless of StartDate Day-Of-Month.
*12Mo Stay: (10% Discount on top of any other listed discounts):
[BOOK] Room (12-month Stay):Payment=([Rate_or_Discounted_Rate X 12] X 0.9) (requires Payment of *entire 12 months of rent* in one single up-front lump sum payment); Last Name = [yourName] + "12MO_STAY". To extend, make payment on 11thMonth 1st or give Notice on 11thMonth 1st for VacancyDate=13thMonth 1st and Rebook for StartDate=13thMonth 1st.
*Multiple Rooms (10% Discount on top of any other listed discounts per each additional concurrent room(s) rented (applies to all rooms except your highest-rent room; upon termination, Discount is always removed from highest-rent room) [min 12 concurrent months for all rms]):
[BOOK] Additional Room: InitialPayment=[Rate_or_Discounted_Rate X 2] X 0.9) + prorated 1stMoRent X 0.9.
(Use different Email for ea booking; add “2,3..” to LastName for ea additional booking ["Jay Last", "Jay Last2"..].

*Discounts: Discounted Rate (incl Pay What You Can) remains in effect for 12 months once booked. Room must be booked for stated StartDate latest (check email). You may move in on booked StartDate or anytime thereafter (rooms can be booked for StartDate on, or before, or after, DateBookingIsPlaced). Rates subject to change until booked. Rent will be raised after 12 months. You may use your Deposit in lieu of paying your final 2 month's rent, regardless of VacancyDate or rent level at time of Departure.
Secondary Discounts are applied to overall calculated already-discounted rate: EG additional 10% off 20% DiscountedRoom = 28% off, not 30% off (more at Rates)
Pay What You Can: (1) Enter your *Pay What You Can* MonthlyRent for your Desired Room: DiscountedRms: At least 60% of FullRate (40% Discount); NonDiscountedRms: At least 75% of FullRate (25% Discount). (2) Your booking will either be confirmed or cancelled & refunded within 24h. (3) If your booking is accepted, your "Pay What You Can" monthly rate will remain in effect for 12 months starting on StartDate.
[BOOK] Discounted Room: InitialPayment=(DiscountedRate X 2) + Discounted 1stMoRent; MonthlyRent = DiscountedRate.
can be backdated or foredated - rooms can be booked for StartDate on, or before, or after, DateBookingIsPlaced. Rental charges accrue from booked StartDate.

[BOOK] Placeholder: Payment=(Rate_or_Discounted_Rate X 1); Location & Room: choose "Placeholder" in your preferred location (you can change locations anytime).
[TRANSFER] Placeholder to New Room Booking: InitialPayment=(Rate_or_Discounted_Rate X 2) - PlaceholderAmount + 1stMoRent.
Use a different PrimaryEmailAddress for NewBooking (First,LastName *must* be the same; all other info *can* be the same). Upon completed booking, your Placeholder will be converted to a room booking. (Current renters: Use a *different email* as your primary email address for the new rm - all other info may remain the same; you can use old rm's Secondary Email as the Primary of new rm & vice versa).
Placeholder: A half-deposit (1Mo rent) which reserves the next available room in your chosen rate & size & location. When your selected size/location becomes available, you receive email notification. You'll have 48h to convert your Placeholder to a New Room Booking. Your Placeholder may be any amount; however you will only receive priority access to rooms whose rate is equal to or less than your Placeholder. (Should your Placeholder exceed the monthly rate of the available room, you'll receive credit towards 1st months rent). Your Placeholder is returnable any time prior to placing New Room Booking.

Deposit: Your 2-Month Deposit is paid upon Booking and is returned to you at the end of your stay in the form of your final 2 months rent being free provided you are in good standing. We require at least 2 months Notice, with VacancyDate on the 1st. When you give Notice, you can consent to Leave Early (before your VacancyDate). If you consent to leave early and a renter rents your room before the 2 months elapsing, you can receive a prorated DepositReturn. As we maintain waitlists, this is often the case.
RoomSwitch: If your DesiredRoom StartDate is too late for you: Book a *TemporarilyAdequateRoom* then immediately book Transfer to your DesiredRoom.
Partial Deposit Deferral [REQUEST]: We require 2-month deposit (except ShortStay). If your booking qualified for a Partial Deposit Deferral, you must complete your Deposit per schedule emailed to you in initial offer. If your Deposit is not received per schedule, failure to furnish your entire Deposit immediately on demand will result in your booking being terminated, with VacancyDate calculated according to Deposit Received.

All rooms in all locations are private Lockout Rooms (rates are per month); yours alone (not shared); all utilities (electric outlets, heat&A/C, WIFI) included (except 10% AC surcharge Jul & Aug); no gear included - store your own. Some rooms have shelves or you can have them built. Some with windows. Ceilings 10', floors concrete unless noted on plan or listing. Easy street parking. No smoking.
Upon booking you'll receive from Super keys to the room and the building, for access to your room & bathroom. You can share/subrent your room with others if you choose. RmSize & Type ('2-Band','Recording'..) suggested use only (sizes & types).
2-month Deposit plus 1stMoRent is paid on booking (No Deposit if staying 2 months or less).
There is no lease. Max stay=infinite. Rates (incl Discounted_Rates) are good for 12 months once booked. Rent is raised every 12 months. (more)
Room-specific questions: ask Super or Leaving Renter or Current Renter.

All rooms private, not shared.RmSize ("2-Band"..) & RmType ("Recording"..) suggested use only. Sharing ok. Open rms usually booked in 1-30 days.
Solo Drum/Instrumental Rms: 4.5x4.5-7x5: for a single drummer & kit ($100-$400 Open every 2-3 mos)
Duo Drum/Instrumental Rms: 9x4.5-10x6.75: for DJ, Duo, drum lesson,1-2 instrumentalists & gear ($200-$550 Open every 2-3 mos)
1-Band Rms: 9x9 - 10x9: for a producer/console or a 3-pc band; ok for 4-pc band w minimal gear ($300-$700 Open every 1-2 mos)
2-Band Rms: 11x9 - 11x10: for a producer/console or a 4-pc band; ok for 5-pc band w min gear ($450-$850 Open every 2-3 mos)
3-Band Rms: 11x11-13x12: for 5-6 pc band & gear ($650-$1500 Open every 3-6 mos)
4-Band Rms: 13x13 - 22x16: for 7-8 pc band & gear ($800-$3000 Open every 6-9 mos)
Ceilings 10' (unless noted on plan / listing); many rooms have loft shelves for extra storage-or you can build. Dimensions & waittimes approx.
Floor Levels: All rooms in all locations are 1st floor/ground floor level except: WE: has rooms on 1,2,3 flr / CH has rooms on Ground Floor and Basement (walkdown) / SP is in basement (freight elevator or walkdown).
Rates: Rates & Discounts vary by availability, location, features (Windows,shelves ..), size, RmType (RECORDING about 15% more QUIET about 20% more). Available rooms approaching VacancyDate and under-construction/new facilities are Discounted. See Rent Raises.
Access: All marked entrances are open 24/7/365.

No Smoking: All rooms and all areas in all spaces are strictly non-smoking.

Rehearsal/Production ("Normal") Rms: Walls constructed wih sheetrock, soundboard & insulation. Ceilings are dropped (i.e. doubled) and have sheetrock, soundboard & insulation. Doors have sweep & seal. A/C ducting is acoustically lined reducing sound transmission. No "soft" soundproofing is provided (unless left by LeavingRenter).
Recording Rms: Walls are constructed with more or higher-grade soundproofing materials and have greater STC rating than Normal Rooms; with separation from Rehearsal/Production rms.
Quiet Rms: Highest sound isolation; walls are constructed with more or higher-grade soundproofing materials and have greater STC rating than Recording Rooms; with separation from Rehearsal/Production rms.
All Rms:
- No rooms are 100% soundproof; however most activity occurs between 6pm-12am (the remaining hours are *relatively* quiet)
- There are no volume or instrument or time limitations
- HVAC ductwork is acoustically lined to reduce sound transmission but is not separated nor individual
- Renters may add sound baffling/foam/wall treatment or structural soundproofing (2nd door etc) as necessary. (must be fireproof)
- Corner & end rms may be quieter due to having fewer adjacent rms
- Rms near exits are easier to access, but are neither less nor more quiet than other rms

LOCATION MAP (Monthly & Hourly studios)

Locations currently under construction:
PRICING: Until your booking & deposit are placed, pricing is subject to change according to availability.
WAITLIST/PLACEHOLDER: We do not maintain a waitlist for currently available or under-construction locations. A full deposit is required to reserve a room.
ROOM CHANGE: Once you have placed a deposit, you can change rooms, and will be placed in priority sequence (above non-renters) on any waitlists for other rooms.
NOTICE/DEPOSIT: We require at least 2 months notice when you decide to leave the space. Your 2-month deposit functions as your final 2 months rent. 1st month rent is paid on Move-In Date.
MOVE-IN: Booked StartingDate for new locations must be Move-In Date; 1stMoRent is due on this date. An email announcement will be sent approx 1 week prior to move-in (if you don't receive an email 1 week prior to anticipated Move-In Date it is your responsibility to email us).
RENT: Includes all utilities, and is good for 1 year commencing on move-in date. First month's rent is paid on move-in. Minimum stay is 3 months, and month-to-month thereafter. There is no lease. All rates subj to change until booked.
or email.