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Join Waitlist | Submit Placeholder reserving next rm in currently-booked size | Book rm in a current/opening location.
Current renters have priority waitlist placement.

LOCATIONS [see|visit]
WK Williamsburg Kingsland [video]: 78 Kingsland Ave @ Frost - 8-min walk L Graham, 14 min walk G Metropolitan, by BQE. Easy parking.
WE Williamsburg East [video]: 342 Maujer St @ Morgan - 5-min walk L Grand, by BQE. Easy parking.
BW Bushwick [video]: 353 Ten Eyck St @ Morgan - 5-min walk L Grand, by BQE. Easy parking.
PS Park Slope [video]: 255-261 Douglass St @ 3rd Ave - 5-min walk D,N,R Union, 7-min walk Atlantic 2,3,4,5,D,N,R,B.Q, by BQE. Easy parking.

Before booking read. All rms 24/7 private, not shared (unless you choose to). We require 2-month deposit* plus pro-rated 1st month rent. Min. stay=3 months* & month-to-month thereafter. Max stay=infinite. Rates (incl Discounted rates) are good for 12 months once booked.
*Short Stays:
1 month: TotalPayment=Rate (or DiscountedRate) X 1.2 ; Last Name = [yourName]+"SHORTSTAY1MO".
MoveOutDate/VacancyDate is 1st of NextMonth after StartDate, regardless of StartDate Day-Of-Month.
2 months: TotalPayment=Rate (or DiscountedRate) X 2.1 ; Last Name = [yourName]+"SHORTSTAY2MO".
MoveOutDate/VacancyDate is 1st of NextNextMonth after StartDate, regardless of StartDate Day-Of-Month.
Key pickup info & payment receipt are emailed to you immediately upon payment (add us to address book). You can pre-book a roomswitch to a different room within 2 months if your preferred room isn't immediately available but a temporarily adequate one is. There is no lease. No refunds. All dimensions approx. Deposit must be rec'd 24h before MoveIn. Payments via Paypal here only - NOT PAYPAL APP.
*Your deposit is returned to you at the end of your stay in the form of your final 2 months rent being free provided you are in good standing. We require at least 2 months Notice, with VacancyDate on the 1st. When you give Notice, you can consent to Leave Early (before your VacancyDate). If you consent to leave early and a renter rents your room before the 2 months elapsing, you can receive a prorated DepositReturn. As we maintain waitlists, this is often the case.
**Current Renters have 1st priority on Waitlist to be transferred to preferred size when a rm opens. If your desired rm isn't immediately available: To book a *TemporarilyAdequateRoom* then switch to *YourDesiredRoom* within 2 months of MoveIn (both bookings must start on 1st of month), place 2 separate bookings: 1: Email us. 2: Book YourDesiredRoom "Second_Rm". 3: Book TemporarilyAdequateRoom "First_Rm": overwrite TotalInitialPayment with $First_Rm_Rent. (No pause btwn First_Rm End & Second_Rm Start).

All rooms are 24-7 Lockout rooms, are rented monthly and are yours alone (not shared); all utilities (electric, heat, A/C, WIFI) are included; no gear is included - store your own. Some rooms have shelves or you can have them built. Some with windows. You'll have keys to the room and the building, for 24-7 access to your room & bathroom. You can share/subrent your room with others if you choose. RmSize (2-Band"..) are suggested use only (see sizes & types). 2-month deposit plus 1stMoRent is required to secure a room (when you leave, you'll give 2 month's notice, and your deposit is used as your final 2 month's rent). Rent is raised every 12 months. (more)

SIZES, RATES, DISCOUNTS, WAIT TIMES, CEILINGS, FLOOR LEVELS, ACCESS All rms private 24-7, not shared.RmSize ("2-Band"..) & RmType ("Recording"..) suggested use only.Sharing ok.Open rms usually booked in 1-30 days
Solo Drum/Instrumental Rms: 4.5x4.5-7x5: for a single drummer & kit ($100-$400 Open every 2-3 mos)
Duo Drum/Instrumental Rms: 9x4.5-10x6.75: for DJ, Duo, drum lesson,1-2 instrumentalists & gear ($200-$550 Open every 2-3 mos)
1-Band Rms: 9x9 - 10x9: for a producer/console or a 3-pc band; ok for 4-pc band w minimal gear ($300-$700 Open every 1-2 mos)
2-Band Rms: 11x9 - 11x10: for a producer/console or a 4-pc band; ok for 5-pc band w min gear ($450-$850 Open every 2-3 mos)
3-Band Rms: 11x11-13x12: for 5-6 pc band & gear ($650-$1500 Open every 3-6 mos)
4-Band Rms: 13x13 - 22x16: for 7-8 pc band & gear ($800-$3000 Open every 6-9 mos)
Ceilings 10' (unless noted); many rooms have loft shelves for extra storage-or you can build. Dimensions & waittimes approx.
Floor Levels: All rooms in all locations are 1st floor/ground floor level except: WE: has rooms on 1,2,3 flr / WK: has rooms on Ground Floor (walkup) and Cellar level (walkdown).
Rates & Discounts: Rates vary by availability, location, features (Windows,shelves ..), size, RmType (RECORDING about 15% more QUIET about 20% more). Some unbooked rms approaching VacancyDate are Discounted. Under-construction/new facilities are least expensive. More on Rent Raises.
Access: All marked exits & entrances are open 24/7/365.

Rehearsal/Production ("Normal") Rms: Walls 6" thick: 5/8" sheetrock X2, 1/2" soundboard X 2, 3" rockwool insulation, 1/2" resilient air channel. Ceilings are dropped (i.e. doubled) and have sheetrock, soundboard & insulation. Doors have sweep & seal. A/C ducting is acoustically lined reducing sound transmission. No "soft" soundproofing is provided (unless left by LeavingRenter).
Recording Rms: Walls have additional sheetrock layer, further reducing sound transmission; these rms are separated from Rehearsal/Production rms.
Quiet Rms: Highest sound isolation (walls include cinderblock or quiet rock); rms are further removed from Rehearsal/Production rms.
All Rms:
- No rooms are 100% sounpdroof; however most activity occurs between 6pm-12am (the remaining hours are *relatively* quiet)
- There are no volume or instrument or time limitations
- HVAC ductwork is acoustically lined to reduce sound transmission but is not separated nor individual
- Renters may add sound baffling/foam/wall treatment or structural soundproofing (2nd door etc) as necessary. (must be fireproof)
- Corner & end rms may be quieter due to having fewer adjacent rms
- Rms near exits are easier to access, but are neither less nor more quiet than other rms

LOCATION MAP (Monthly & Hourly studios)

Locations currently under construction: Williamsburg Kingsland Main Floor
PRICING: Until your booking & deposit are placed, pricing is subject to change according to availability.
DEPOSIT REFUND POLICY: Your deposit is fully refundable, upon request, any time until move-in announcement is made (approx 1 week prior to move-in). After move-in announcement, there are no refunds whatsoever, per Policy.
WAITLIST/PLACEHOLDER: We do not maintain a waitlist for currently available or under-construction locations. A full deposit is required to reserve a room.
ROOM CHANGE: Once you have placed a deposit, you can change rooms, and will be placed in priority sequence (above non-renters) on any waitlists for other rooms.
NOTICE/DEPOSIT: We require at least 2 months notice when you decide to leave the space. Your 2-month deposit functions as your final 2 months rent. 1st month rent is paid on Move-In Date.
MOVE-IN: Booked StartingDate for new locations must be Move-In Date; 1stMoRent is due on this date. An email announcement will be sent approx 1 week prior to move-in (if you don't receive an email 1 week prior to anticipated Move-In Date it is your responsibility to email us).
RENT: Includes all utilities, and is good for 1 year commencing on move-in date. First month's rent is paid on move-in. Minimum stay is 3 months, and month-to-month thereafter. There is no lease. All rates subj to change until booked.
or email.

A Placeholder is a half-deposit, in the amount of 1 month's rent, reserving the next available room in your selected size & location. When your selected size/location becomes available, you receive email notification of the room's details & StartDate (may be 1st or the 15th). You'll have 24h to complete your deposit by placing a second (final) months rent. Rent commences as of StartDate. Your 2-month deposit (1 month of which is your Placeholder) will be returned to you at the end of your stay, in the form of your final 2 months rent being free. If you decide for any reason to not take the room, your Placeholder will *not* be refunded except:
a) If we (or you) find a ReplacementRenter to take the room (in which case you will receive a refund in the amount of your Placeholder minus $50 fee)
b) If no room opens in the size and with the same (or less) monthly rent for which you have submitted a Placeholder within 3 months of submitting your Placeholder; in this case, your Placeholder is refunded in full.