HOURLY Booking - Band Spaces NYC

Please fill in the blanks for hourly booking (READ before booking | book MONTHLY)


Park Slope Sunset Park* Washington Heights Greenpoint* Bushwick Williamsburg Clinton Hill
                                                                                                                                                      *=has piano

Park Slope Sunset Park Washington Heights Greenpoint Bushwick Williamsburg Clinton Hill




↑ Use this email address when paying. Confirmation will be sent only to the 2 email addresses you provide.

Payment must be received within 30 min of booking.
Once you've paid, **MONITOR YOUR EMAIL**. Your booking is not complete until you've made payment and ***received a receipt from Paypal ***.

Add Webmaster@bandspacesnyc.com & Spaces@bandspacesnyc.com & HourlyPayments@bandspacesnyc.com to your address book so that you receive confirmation email.

Once your booking & payment are received, we'll email you the available studio's address & info. All slots are first-come, first-served. Booking must be completed & paid at least 12 hours prior to rehearsal.

Before booking please review our Hourly Policy.