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All rms 1st-come, 1st-served (current renters in our spaces have priority on all waitlists). All dimensions approx.

Recently Booked Rms:

BW Q5, 1-BAND, RECORDING, Start Date:2017-12-15
WN B10, Drum/InstrumentalSOLO, Production, Start Date:2017-10-15
WE 2J, 1-BAND, RECORDING, Start Date:2017-12-01
BW K9, Drum/InstrumentalDUO, Production, Start Date:2017-12-01
WN B6, 2-BAND, Production, Start Date:2017-12-01
WE 1U, Drum/InstrumentalDUO, Production, Start Date:2017-10-01
WN F2, Drum/InstrumentalDUO, Production, Start Date:2017-11-01
WE 3K, Drum/InstrumentalDUO, QUIET, Start Date:2017-10-01
BW G2, 1-BAND, QUIET, Start Date:2017-12-01
BW K8, Drum/InstrumentalDUO, Production, Start Date:2017-10-01
WN B9, Drum/InstrumentalSOLO, Production, Start Date:2017-10-01
PS C22, Drum/InstrumentalSOLO, Production, Start Date:2017-11-01
WN E5, 1-BAND, Production, Start Date:2017-09-01
BW Q10, Drum/InstrumentalDUO, RECORDING, Start Date:2017-09-01
PS B26, 2-BAND, Production, Start Date:2017-09-01
PS N26, 2-BAND, RECORDING, Start Date:2017-09-01
BW H4, 1-BAND, RECORDING, Start Date:2017-09-01
WE 2L, Drum/InstrumentalDUO, RECORDING, Start Date:2017-09-01
BW J1, 1-BAND, RECORDING, Start Date:2017-09-01
PS B28, 4-BAND, Production, Start Date:2017-10-01
WE 1K, Drum/InstrumentalSOLO, Production, Start Date:2017-09-01
PS K21, Drum/InstrumentalSOLO, Production, Start Date:2017-09-01
WE 3N, 2-BAND, QUIET, Start Date:2017-09-01
WN F2, Drum/InstrumentalDUO, Production, Start Date:2017-09-01
WN C2, 1-BAND, Production, Start Date:2017-09-01
WN E10, Drum/InstrumentalSOLO, Production, Start Date:2017-08-15
BW L2, 2-BAND, Production, Start Date:2017-08-01
BW N5, Drum/InstrumentalSOLO, Production, Start Date:2017-08-01
PS A22, Drum/InstrumentalDUO, Production, Start Date:2017-08-01
WE 1H, Drum/InstrumentalSOLO, Production, Start Date:2017-08-01