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  OTHER PAYMENTS [pay rent]
Click Buy Now to pay balance. We accept credit /debit / ATM / bank cards.

To Pay by Credit Card*:
Click "Buy Now" and select the option for "Pay with credit card" (instead of logging in to Paypal).
Important: Put Primary Renter name and room# in message field to ensure your payment is properly recorded.
*If your credit card is attached to a Paypal account, you must either use a different credit (or debit) card, or login to Paypal.










[pay rent/deposit | other payments | place booking]
We accept: credit / debit / bank / ATM / 16-digit cards (US or non-US) or Paypal.
We do *not* accept: payments made using paypal app/site, or checks or certified checks or money orders or eChecks or cash.
To Pay by Credit Card: Click "Buy Now" and choose "Pay with credit card" (instead of logging in to Paypal). You can pay with multiple cards or add multiple cards to a Paypal account.
If you're using a credit card that is attached to a Paypal account, Paypal won't allow you to pay other than via Paypal -IE - if you can't remember your Paypal password, use a different credit card that is not attached to a Paypal account. If you *do* know your password, login to Paypal when prompted.

All payments are securely administered by Paypal. We have no access to your payment info. We cannot initiate any charge (CC, debit etc), nor are there any auto-charges or payment reminders. Your payment info must be submitted each month.

Multiple payers: Rent must be paid in one single transaction on the 1st of month (not before 19th). To change the account that pays rent for a given month, enter rent amount at, click submit, and enter payment info on Paypal page.

Multiple Rooms: We do *not* accept single/summed payments for multiple rooms. We require a separate payment for each individual booking ID.

Anyone with a CC/bank card/Paypal account can make payments on your account (& you can change CC/bank card/Paypal account any time) by clicking Bandleader's last name -> ** ** <- Bookmark


If you don't receive an email from Paypal immediately after submitting payment, your payment did not go through.