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ROOM GUIDELINES (Comprehensive Rules Here)(Deposit Info Here)
-No smoking (offenders are subject to immediate removal), or candles, or incense, or any lighted flames in the rooms or anywhere in the building.
-All materials brought or installed in the space must be non-flammable, flame retardant and code compliant (including any soundproofing, foam, wall-covering, carpeting).
-Garbage Disposal is your responsibility; no garbage or property may be left in hallways or in front of the building; fees may result. Garbage must be placed in black trash bags (Recycling in clear bags) and placed in designated trash areas. Recycling: Cardboard (TiedUp) & SingleStream (bottles, Cans, plastic, aluminum). Any items that do not fit in trash bags must be removed (by you) away from the space (not left on curb). If a ticket results from your items being improperly left, you will be responsible.
-Light bulbs and basic maintenance within your space are your responsibility; use a surge protector for all electronics.
-Dehumidifiers and heaters (must be electric and non-combustible and must have auto-timer turnoff) are permitted. Heaters must always be turned off except when someone is in the room.
-Air Conditioners are not permitted.
-Windows may not be opened for security reasons. No playing or rehearsing with doors (or windows) open.
-Individual internet service is allowed provided installation does not damage premises (prior written approval required).
-Shelves/Alterations*: You may construct shelves and/or additional soundproofing. No nails may be used. Use screw anchors and fasten fixtures to metal studs (which are placed every 16in - use magnetic studfinder) to avoid damaging walls (& masonry anchors if going into brick/block). Sprinkler heads (normally round white discs on the ceilings) and HVAC vents may not be obstructed in any way; no item or object may be constructed or stored within 12 inches of any sprinkler head or HVAC vent. *Construction of any partitions or booths requires prior written approval from management; such additions must be removed before departure and will require separate RestorationDeposit before construction. Any Fixtures (including shelves, doors, fixed soundproofing, thickened walls, flooring (except carpets), electrical upgrades, fixed improvements) may not be removed & must be left in place when you leave (you may also leave up any soft soundproofing)*. Any replaced items (original lock/door etc) must be shown & given to Super. Read Policy before doing any improvements. You may hire a Super or a licensed contractor.

-2-Month Deposit plus (prorated) 1stMoRent are due on booking. Bookings not paid within 12h are cancelled.
-Rent/deposits are paid *only* at (DO NOT PAY USING PAYPAL APP/SITE)
-Rent is always due on the 1st of every month without exception (including any prorated payments) and must be paid in 1 single transaction. You may pay early but not before 19th (except 1stMoRent). Our system does not retain your payment information, nor are any reminders sent, so you will need to enter your information (CC/Paypal) each month.
-Anyone with a CC/bank card/Paypal account can make payments on your account (& you can change CC/bank card/Paypal account any time). We don't accept cash or checks. (help)
Late Rent=Rent not rcd by the 1st. *LateFee*: 3% of LateRent *plus $5/day* starting the 5th for LateRent and/or any balances. If you are late more than twice, your monthly rent is raised by $25 per month. Rent (or large balances) not received by the 3rd constitutes your giving notice and will result in rental termination. VacancyDate may be altered if balances remain. Multiple latenesses or fee nonpayment will result in your being required to furnish a DamageDeposit. (Also see Penalties).
Rent Raises: Rent is automatically raised every 12 months & for each new booking usually by 4-6%/yr depending on size, location, in keeping with annual building escalations (the 1st raise or 2 may be higher, esp for New Facilities & Discounted rooms). Discounted rooms revert after 12 months to non-discounted rate or current rate per location. Rent raise notifications are sent at least 1 month prior to the rent raise date. You can avoid paying the raised rent by giving notice by your raise date; or by moving to any available room. (Waitlist) (Sizes & Discounts)
MOVE-IN: Add & spaces@ to your address book. Contact Us within 24h of your StartDate if LeavingRenter did not leave the room broom-clean per MoveOut Conditions. If you move in before your StartDate you will be charged rent per day.
IMPROVEMENTS: Alterations/shelves/additional fixed soundproofing must be left in place when you leave and no existing shelves may be removed (you may also leave up any fireproof "soft" soundproofing if you wish. Any replaced items (original lock/door etc) must be shown & given to Super. Read Policy before doing any alterations). Soft sound baffling (acoustic/eggcrate foam etc) may be affixed to walls (using adhesive spray glue) to reduce high frequency room noise.
MOVE-OUT/Termination Notice
We require *at least* 2 months notice (or) to leave or change rooms, with VacancyDate on the 1st. Notice is not retractable. After Notice is received, you may use Deposit in lieu of paying your final 2 month's rent (provided you are in good standing). If you leave early, you can receive a DepositReturn. There is no need to re-book after 12 months (except LongStay). Max stay=infinite.
If you find a ReplacementRenter for your (or any) rm you may qualify to receive ReferralCredit payment (contact us for terms)
-MOVEOUT: Room must be left broom clean, empty with all property removed, and in MoveIn Condition. Unless otherwise notified, remove all carpets, wall coverings etc.
-KEYS: Pass all keys to IncomingRenter (if there is no ReplacementRenter, you may place in envelope in YourRm or pass to Super)
Leave Early: When you give Notice, you can consent to leave before your VacancyDate. If you are willing to leave early and a ReplacementRenter *found by you or us* rents your room prior to the 2 months elapsing (*you must be prepared to vacate on any day, on 24h notice; failure to do so will result in severe penalties, property impounding and trespassing charges*), you receive a prorated DepositReturn upon request, sent within 48h after MoveOutDate (ReplacementRenter StartDate), provided you leave early per MoveOut and are in good standing and have not damaged the rooms. As we maintain waitlists, this is often the case. (Your consent to MoveOut and/or to <Leave Early> on Notice form or via email or by any other communication cannot be retracted or altered; if no EarliestDepartureDate is specified, your EarliestDepartureDate will be considered to be two full months before your VacancyDate).
-If you consent(ed) to leave before your VacancyDate ("Leave Early") on notice form or via email or by any other communication, then per Policy: Your consent cannot be retracted. You must be prepared to moveout on 24h notice. If a ReplacementRenter *found by you or us* books CurrentRm(OldRm) before your VacancyDate you'll receive confirmation email from us. If you Leave Early per MoveOut and are in good standing you will receive DepositReturn per ReplacementRenter StartDate (rent for CurrentRm(OldRm) is increased to $EmailUs). Unless and until you receive confirmation email, your DepartureDate will remain your original VacancyDate. Monitor your email closely & add add & spaces@ to your address book. You may leave at anytime before VacancyDate but *no DepositReturn will be sent unless* your room is booked by an IncomingRenter starting at least a week before your VacancyDate.
DEPOSIT RETURNS are sent after MoveOut Date, KeysCeded & 48h after DepositReturnRequest is received, provided:
- You give Notice choosing *LeaveEarly*; AND ONE OF EITHER:
1. ReplacementRenter (found by you or us) books your room before VacancyDate (1st,8th,15th,22nd=1,.75,.5,.25/Mo); -- OR --
2. Notice Requirement was waived -- OR --
3. You paid rent after Notice (leaving before VacancyDate does *not* qualify).
(To revise EarliestDepartureDate earlier: give Notice again or Email us).
To receive eligible DepositReturn, complete the following 3 steps:
1. Cede <- Keys;
2. Verify <- that you Moved Out;
3. Login <- to Paypal with Primary Renter Payment Email Address & choose "Request Money" from "". For DepositReturn: paste Calculation & email address in Paypal>Money Request "Note".
If your funds are not recd 48h after VacancyDate, email us.
$DepositReturn = ([$Deposit/2 ie $OrigRentAmt] X #Months ReplacementRenter StartDate before LeavingRenter VacancyDate) - $RenterBalanceDue + $RentPaidAfterNotice
10% AC surcharge Jul & Aug for all renters regardless of Length of Stay or StartDate or VacancyDate or prepayment or discount type. Garbage & item removal fees: $50-$400 (other fees)
PENALTIES: If you vacate your room later than your MoveOutDate & time, or fail to leave the rm broom-clean; screws, hooks... removed & spackled over; walls & ceiling painted white; original lock cylinder installed (loss fee: see Policy) & shelves & improvements intact (and no existing shelves may be removed); all keys returned, all garbage and property removed from premises, you will be subject to penalties. Any property remaining on the premises after MoveOutDate will be confiscated. Late departures will incur Late Moveout Fee: $50 plus any of: $200 Lock-Change Fee + $200-$500 Cleanup/Storage Fee + $2000-$5000 Property Movers Fee + daily storage fee; any remaining deposit due to you will also be reduced pro rata, per day late (moveout)(see Policy for all fees).
To avoid late penalties & daily storage fees & losing any of your deposit, ensure your keys are ceded & that room is restored to original condition by 10AM (at the latest) on your MoveOutDate. If you are unsure of this date, it is your responsibility to email us. *You will receive an email from directing you to pass keys to IncomingRenter. If you pass keys or grant access to anyone other than specified IncomingRenter, you will be held responsible for any resulting damages and any DepositReturn will be forfeited.
DamageDeposits: Renters violating Policy terms (vandalism, smoking, Nonpayment of full rent, fee nonpayment, multiple latenesses, etc) will have their bookings cancelled or terminated. In cases where the booking is Reinstated, a DamageDeposit must be furnished. DamageDeposits are returned at rental completion, provided no further verified reports of violating activities. DamageDeposit is unrelated to Original 2-Month Deposit (which remains returnable) and is unrelated to other DamageDeposits (if any), which remain returnable provided no further violations related to the corresponding DamageDeposit.
CREDIT: Overpayments and other rent credits may be deducted from next month's rent or added to DepositReturn.
STORAGE-ONLY: Some rooms and locations are storage-only. Review Policy and on-site signage.
We require *at least* 2 months notice to change rooms except: if NewRm is discounted & has greater monthly rent than CurrentRm, then NewRm StartDate can be immediate. (Permanently Add Second Room).
To MOVE to another room:
1. Give notice for CurrentRm. By selecting "WillLeaveEarly" you will receive prorated DepositReturn per StartDate of ReplacementRenter found by you or us.
2. Place NewRm Booking. TotalInitialPayment = 2XNewRmRent + 1stMoRent.
To TRANSFER to a room w/ greater rent than CurrentRm* OR if NoticeRequirement=Waived:
1. Click here.
(If NewRm is not Discounted, you must enter NewRm LatestStartDate as StartDate)
*Match CurrentRm Rent in NewRm to have same effect; CurrentRm Rent=RaisedRent if Raised; restrictions apply.